Think Pieces

Our ‘think piece’ articles are intended to stimulate debate and push consumers further towards the centre of the water industry’s thinking on key topics.

We hope our thinking will also encourage new ideas and approaches to addressing issues that will benefit all consumers..

Read our published think pieces below:

Utility Week

Published February 2018
I am the customer – Water Resources

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Andy White

The Water report

Published December 2017
Time to raise the bar on affordability and vulnerability

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CEO view

Published November 2017
Water company rewards should be based on customer feedback

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Water & Sewerage Journal

Published June 2017
Customer relationship management and billing

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Institute of Water Journal

Published May 2017

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institute of water journalInstitute of Water Journal

Published April 2017
The market is open but are we ready for customers to walk through the door?

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Utility week

Published March 2017
Household competition: I am the customer

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Andy White

Money Advice Trust

Published February 2017
Affordability and assistance in the water sector

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household water competition - utilityweekUtility Week

Published October 2016
Household competition risks being a ‘damp squib’

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Ana Maria Millian

Water efficiency in buildings (WATEF)

Published September 2016
Water Efficiency – is saving water just ‘common sense’?

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