Water pouring from blue watering can onto blooming flower bed

It is possible to have a colourful, thriving garden without using a large amount of mains water.

Here are some tips to help your garden – but not your water bill – grow:

  • Water your garden in the cool of the early morning or evening. This will reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation.
  • Plant flowers and shrubs that thrive in hot and dry conditions such as thyme, evening primrose and rock rose.
  • If you water plants and shrubs too often their roots will remain shallow, weakening the plant. Leave them alone once they are established.
  • Mulches such as wood chips, bark and gravel help to prevent water evaporation.
  • Lawns can survive long periods of dry weather if the grass is not cut too short.
  • Collect rainwater in water-butts and use a watering can to target the roots of your plants. If you prefer to use a hosepipe, fit a trigger nozzle to control the flow.

FACT NOT FICTION: The average house roof collects enough water every year to fill 450 water-butts.

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