Lower bills for customers struggling to pay

CCWater has been working with companies to ensure they have a range of schemes to help customers who are struggling to pay. Many companies now have social tariff schemes which provide lower bills for some customers.

If you are not sure which water company supplies your area, you can check here.

The companies listed below all have social tariff schemes. Click on your company to find out more information about its scheme and if you might be able to apply for a reduced bill.

In addition to these scheme all Water companies also operate the WaterSure scheme which caps the bills of some low income metered customers who need to use a lot of water for essential purposes. More information on that scheme is available by clicking here.

CCWater also has a benefits calculator and grants search tool that can help you identify whether you may be entitled to other support.

Information on Affinity Water’s Lift scheme.

Information on Anglian Water’s Lite scheme.

Information on Bournemouth WaterCare scheme.

Information on Bristol Water’s Assist scheme.

Information about Cambridge Water’s – Assure scheme

Information on Dee Valley’s Here2Help scheme.

Information on Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water’s HelpU scheme.

Information on Essex and Suffolk Water’s SupportPLUS scheme.

Information on Hartlepool Lite scheme.

Information on Northumbrian Water’s SupportPLUS scheme.

Information on Portsmouth Water’s new Social Tariff Scheme.

Information of Severn Trent Water’s Big Difference scheme.

Information on South East Water’s scheme.

Information on Southern Water’s scheme.

Information about South Staffordshire Water’s – Assure Scheme

Information on South West Water’s WaterCare scheme.

Information on Sutton and East Surrey Water’s scheme.

Information on Thames Water’s WaterSure Plus scheme.

Information on United Utilities’ Help to Pay scheme.

Information on Wessex Water’s Assist scheme.

Information on Yorkshire Water’s WaterSupport scheme.