WaterVoice: Views of current customers on water resources

We have surveyed 1,870 customers in England and Wales to measure the extent of customers’ awareness of the pressures on water resources where they live, and how willing they are to help to save water. We also sought customers’ views on how companies can best manage water resources. This report summarises our findings.

Key findings include:

  • 41% of customers in seriously water stressed areas felt that water is plentiful where they live, and 20% said they didn’t know.
  • There are high levels of willingness among customers to help save water in a number of ways (over 80%)
  • While older participants were slightly more likely than younger to be willing to help conserve water, younger customers were more likely (65%) to say they would accept a community challenge to help save water in return for a community reward, such as free swimming lessons for primary school children.
  • To help customers use less water, more than 6 in 10 customers would want their water company to offer free or discounted water saving devices (61%)

Over half of customers would like a free visit to check their home and supply pipe for leaks (54%)

As climate change and population growth mean a growing number of water companies in England and Wales serve areas classified as being seriously water stressed, this research indicates both challenges and opportunities ahead for the water industry and consumers alike. These latest findings will further inform CCW’s work around water efficiency and affordability.