WaterVoice – February 2021

CCW’s online research community – WaterVoice – was launched in 2020 to help us keep our finger on the pulse of water consumers’ views. The reports summarise the views of people in this community. It is made up of hundreds of water bill payers from across England and Wales whose views we regularly seek on issues relating to the water industry and the work of CCW itself.

This page features some of the findings to emerge from WaterVoice which provide a flavour of customers’ views that may be of particular interest to other water sector stakeholders. Although the community’s views may not be entirely representative of the wider public, it does provide valuable insights that can complement the statistically robust programme of consumer research we carry out every year.

All of these findings help us to deepen our understanding of consumers’ views and priorities and ensure we’re focusing on the issues that matter most to the people we represent.

In November 2020, CCW surveyed 1,902 adults in England and Wales to identify and compare the attitudes and behaviours of current and future water bill payers.  They were asked questions about aspects of water company services, including preferences for payment, contact, technology, water use and drinking water preferences.  Identify some wider environmental behaviours and expectations for businesses to provide information related to corporate social responsibility and environmental impact.