Water Matters 2020

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Household customers’ views of their water and sewerage services 2020

Our latest findings from our annual Water Matters survey tracks household customers’ views and preferences on the services and support that they receive from the water companies in England and Wales.

Key findings include:

  • Satisfaction with water services remains high despite the challenges water companies have faced during Covid-19 restrictions. 92 per cent of customers said they were satisfied with their water service with 85 per cent expressing the same view about their sewerage service.
  • Satisfaction with the value for money customers receive has increased over the past decade and currently stands at 76 per cent for water and 78 per cent for sewerage.
  • Our more in-depth analysis in our Highlights Report shows that some groups in society that were struggling to afford their water bill prior to the pandemic now seem to be worse off.
  • Asian and mixed ethnic groups, people under 30 and disabled households are among those most likely to be facing difficulties affording their water bill.
  • Water companies have made efforts to boost support for households struggling to pay their bill during Covid-19 but this is still not reaching many of those that need it most.
  • CCW has challenged the water industry to work with it to overcome cultural, language and other barriers to support.

More than 5,400 household customers across England and Wales were interviewed for this year’s report between September 2020 and March 2021. The report provides a snapshot of customers’ experiences against the backdrop of Covid-19 restrictions and their wider impact.

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