Understanding what stops people escalating their complaints

In an ideal world, people complaining to their water company should have their problem resolved first time. But when that’s not possible, it should be easy for them to take their complaint further and achieve a resolution they’re content with.

Here at CCW, we conducted some research to understand more about what stops people escalating their complaints, even when they’re dissatisfied with the outcome they’ve received so far.

We found a number of factors can stop people taking their complaint further. For some, the process is too time-consuming, while for others it’s too stressful. Some people didn’t even realise they had a right to ask for the complaint to be reviewed.

We’re asking water companies to work with CCW to address the findings from this research. Action we can take together includes providing clearer signposting to the next stage of a complaint, and continue to reduce the effort it takes for people to take their complaint further by improving the complaints journey.

Ultimately, we want a complaints process that works for people, and solves their problems as quickly and fully as possible.