Our Draft Determination Acceptability research

We’ve published our industry-wide analysis of how acceptable regulator Ofwat’s draft determinations (DD) were to customers.

We surveyed about 500 customers of every water company in England and Wales to find out what they thought about the price and service changes proposed by Ofwat for the next five years. The results were used to inform our response to Ofwat’s consultations on the plans.

We previously published individual company summaries of the research and have now produced an industry-wide summary which identifies trends broken down into different customer groups across England and Wales.

The research found high levels of overall acceptability both for the price and the proposed change to levels of service. However our analysis also showed that levels of acceptability varied significantly when factors such as household income were taken into account.

Ofwat has now published its Final Determination which will set prices and service levels for the next five years. Companies should bear in mind what customers have said about prices, service levels, incentives and affordability when they set about delivering these commitments.

These findings will also support our efforts to ensure the views of customers are strongly represented during the appeals that four water companies have recently lodged with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) over Ofwat’s final decisions.

Water customers’ views on proposed bills & services from 2020–2025

Our infographics provide a snapshot of customers’ views on whether they find Ofwat’s plans acceptable.




Summary reports: