Our Draft Determination Acceptability research

CCWater wanted to understand how acceptable customers found Ofwat’s draft determinations of companies’ 2020-2025 business plans.
We believe that is it vital that customers find the outcome of the price review acceptable, to help improve perceptions of fairness and value of money and to improve the legitimacy of the industry in customers’ eyes.
DJS Research carried out this research on our behalf, seeking views from 500 customers for each company. The results from the research were included in our consultation responses to Ofwat.

Key Findings Include:

• Uninformed acceptability, where customers are given the price change and basic information about the price setting process, was generally high ranging from 74% to 97%
• Informed acceptability, where more information about the proposed improvements to service levels is provided, was also high but in most cases was a few percentage points below the uninformed level.
• There was a noticeable drop in acceptability when customers were introduced to the concept of Outcome Delivery Incentives (rewards and penalties) and shown the possible impact this could have on their bills. Acceptability fell by around 15% on average.

Summary reports: