Information on stream

Understanding customers’ needs and expectations

The main aim of this research was to find out water customers’ preferences relating to the information that is usually provided in water companies’ codes of practice. It considered what information customers normally require, when they need it and what format they would like it in.

The key findings include:

  • Very few respondents could see themselves using a water industry code of practice, either as a first or last resort. Customer information needs are being met elsewhere, either through issue-based leaflets, water bills, or telephone contact.
  • Customers will contact the company when there is a change in their circumstances, which is most likely to be a service-driven event. They will generally want information that relates to their immediate situation at that time.
  • As well as the things that customers ‘know to ask about’, there are issues that they ‘don’t know to ask about’. Companies should take responsibility for pre-empting these information needs, for example in situations where customers may need to know about Special Assistance, tariff options or metering options.

Download the information on stream research report (pdf)