Improving customer engagement for PR24

More customer engagement was carried out at PR19 than in any previous price review. But how much influence did consumer views really have on water companies’ final business plans? CCW’s latest report combines research, examples of best practice and local intelligence to examine how well the water industry engaged with customers at PR19, and how these efforts can be improved even further for PR24.

We’re making three key recommendations for companies at PR24:

  • Make it clear how customer engagement has informed the final business plan.
  • Engagement should happen all the time – not just for price reviews – and especially with consumers in vulnerable circumstances.
  • Collaborate and innovate to reduce the research gap between smaller and larger companies, and introduce consistency in research outputs.

CCW expects water companies to put consumers at the heart of business plans by asking them which services they prioritise for investment, and what is an acceptable bill for this. Companies must involve all elements of society in this consultation process, especially people who may struggle to afford water bills, or who have particular service requirements. They should also ensure they understand the needs of future customers to inform forward planning.

Find out more about our recommendations in our full report: