One in eight customers tell us that their water and sewerage bills aren’t affordable. We aim to ensure companies keep bills as low as possible for everyone and that they also have schemes specifically to help those who are struggling to pay.

We have worked with all companies to ensure that they now have social tariff schemes which provide lower bills to some customers with lower incomes. Many also have schemes which will reduce customers’ debts if they make regular payments and/or trust funds which can award grant payments to those in financial difficulty. All companies also offer the WaterSure scheme which limits the bills of low income metered customers who need to use a lot of water due to family size or medical condition. See what help is available to customers paying bills

We also aim to ensure that as many customers as possible know about this help. We do this by promoting the schemes and working with other advice bodies as well as encouraging companies to do as much as they can to tell customers about the help that is available.