Currently, just over half of the homes in England and Wales have a water meter. Every newly built home will have a water meter fitted and the majority of commercial properties are also metered.

In addition, companies in water stressed areas have the option to insist on metering.

How are we involved?

We believe that metering is the fairest basis for water services charging and that all users should have this option.

However, we also believe that where there is compulsory metering, customers should be offered the option to postpone switching to their new measured bill for two years while they get used to the new system and understand what that means for their budget. We are encouraging water companies to take a customer focused approach to installing compulsory meters.

Keeping you informed

We have asked the water companies to assure us that they’re keeping their customers informed.

We want to know that their customers will understand:

  • What has been planned for metering in their area and why
  • How and when any installations will be undertaken
  • What having a meter means for their bills and the way they pay
  • What financial support options are available to them including WaterSure scheme and Social tariffs)