The service incentive mechanism (SIM) is a way to measure company performance by looking at how they handle customer contacts from telephone calls through to CCWater investigations.

Since the SIM was introduced in 2010, written complaints and unwanted telephone contacts have halved. However, some companies still lag too far behind the rest of the industry with too many customer complaints and unwanted contacts. Worse still, some company customer service has deteriorated in spite of the SIM.

CCWater’s role

CCWater supports the SIM as it has helped drive the right behaviour from companies, encouraging them to meet consumers’ needs at the first contact and resolve complaints quickly and effectively.

We believe the SIM should evolve in a similar vein to consumer behaviour. Company performance cannot be accurately measured without looking at all forms of customer contact. We have also argued for a new Consumer Experience measure alongside SIM. This would address the problem of company reluctance to communicate with customers.