Our response to industry report on long-term water resources planning

The water sector in England and Wales must start to address the longer-term risk of more extreme droughts. This needs to be reflected in the industry’s plans and its next round of water resources planning.

This is the view of CCW in its response to an industry report highlighting a significant and growing risk of drought, particularly in the south and east of England.

The report by water industry trade body Water UK called for a national adaptive plan for water companies to work within to ensure that our water supplies are resilient, even in more extreme drought conditions over the next 50 years.

It followed a project led by Water UK involving water companies, regulators and leading technical experts that looked at how resilient the water sector in England and Wales is to the growing challenges of climate change, population growth and environmental factors.

We know from our own research that the resilience of water supplies is a top priority for consumers. We want water companies to engage with consumers on the challenging issues highlighted in the report.

Our response also sets out our position on specific points raised in the report.