Although the prices for water and sewerage services will be set in 2019, there will be a lot of work needed to get to that stage.

Companies will be required to find out their customers’ preferences for investments and levels of service. Companies will then develop their business plans around what customers have said.

Our main objective for PR19 is to ensure that the final outcomes, both capital investments and levels of service, are valued by customers at a price they find acceptable.

We aim to achieve this by discussing the issues that customers have told us are important with water companies, Ofwat and other Government departments, so that we can:

  • Help to shape company business plans
  • Help to shape Ofwat and Government decisions
  • Play a leading role in Customer Challenge Groups
  • Influence the development of statutory programmes of investment to tackle issues such as water pollution

We want to see this Price Review deliver investments and services to consumers in 2020-25 that reflect what they expect to receive at a price they find acceptable.