Customer Challenge Groups (CCGs) are independent local groups of customer representatives and other stakeholders. They have been established for the price review process to provide challenge to water companies’ business plans. Some of the groups are called different names but all CCGs should ensure that local and regional issues are properly considered and that the views of the company’s entire customer base are taken into account.

Most companies have set up websites which provide further information on the work of their CCGs. These websites can be found below:

Affinity Water:

Anglian Water:

Bristol Water:

Cambridge Water:

Cholderton Water:

Dwr Cymru:

Essex & Suffolk Water:

Hafren Dyfrdwy:

Northumbrian Water:

Portsmouth Water:

Sembcorp Bournemouth:

Severn Trent: Water Forum

South East Water:

South Staffs Water:

South West Water:

Southern Water:

Sutton & East Surrey:

Thames Water:

United Utilities:

Wessex Water:

Yorkshire Water: