If you are still not happy after our involvement in your complaint you can apply to the Water Redress Scheme (WATRS).

What is WATRS?

It is a free independent service that will take a fresh look at the complaint you have with your water company, after you have been through our complaint process.

How does it work?

WATRS has adjudicators who act as impartial ‘judges’. The adjudicators look at both sides of the argument and the law and make a decision. The companies which take part in WATRS have promised to do what WATRS asks.

If the adjudicator thinks that your water company has not acted fairly and reasonably he or she can ask the company to do some of these things:

  • make an apology
  • give you an explanation
  • provide a service, for example fix a pipe
  • pay you compensation.

You can see what kind of complaint WATRS looks at in their WATRS scheme rules.

What would I need to do?

Before you can apply to WATRS, you must have referred your complaint to us first.

There’s an application form that we can fill out for you based on the information you’ve already shared with us. You can email or post the application form to WATRS with any relevant letters, emails, invoices, receipts or photographs.

How long will it take for WATRS to reach a decision?

WATRS aims to make its decision up to 35 working days of receiving your application. If you accept WATRS decision, your water company will usually have 20 working days to provide the remedy set by the scheme.

Once you’ve returned your signed application form to WATRS, it will ask us to share your CCW case file with it. The adjudicator will see everything that has happened so far. If you would prefer, you can ask WATRS not to receive your CCW file.

Further information

There is a video and other information on the WATRS website to explain what happens or if you would like to speak to someone about what to do next you can call 0800 008 6909.

WATRS’ address is:

100 St Paul’s Churchyard