We offer free independent advice and help customers who have been unable to resolve a complaint with their water company or retailer directly.

We look at complaints and use our knowledge of policies and procedures to press water companies to put right instances of poor service. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

The case summaries below show how we have helped consumers in more detail:

How we have helped customers

  • Wrongful demands for water debt payment

    woman with letter in hand looking unhappy

    Published on 4th Jan 2019

    This whole incident has been extremely upsetting and stressful and at times I really thought…

  • 30-month investigation into source of leak

    Water meter showing usage

    Published on 4th Jan 2019

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and helping to fight my corner.…

  • Damage to car from drain repair work

    Manhole in rainy day

    Published on 7th Nov 2018

    Thank you for your help and support in resolving this matter. Thank you for all…

  • Leaking supply pipe

    Close-up Of Male Plumber Fixing White Sink Pipe With Adjustable Wrench

    Published on 7th Nov 2018

    Fantastic service and resolution after a very frustrating six months of trying, and being constantly…

  • Leaky meter

    High pressure pipe leaking

    Published on 10th Oct 2018

    CCWater were absolutely fantastic with my issue - the staff are a credit to the…

  • Missing bill

    a woman returns home from the shops and finds some letters on the mat . She bends down to open them and runs her hand through her hair in despair as there is a missing bill

    Published on 10th Aug 2018

    Thank you so much for all your help, this issue was ongoing for a number…