Key dates of events and publications

July to September 2017

Please note – this will be updated throughout the year – dates may change.


19th – MP Drop-in session – Western England and Wales (Westminster)

Week commencing 24th – Publication of Willingness to pay research findings

31st – Publication of CCWater’s Annual Review for England and Wales.

Week commencing 31st (TBC) – Retail market update on complaints and switching rates


3rd – Publication of first quarter non-household customer complaints and enquiries to CCWater

24th – Publication of SME retail market awareness survey results


13th – Staying Afloat: Addressing customer vulnerability in the water sector – 2016/17 report

19th – England Consumer Matters Workshop

20th – Complaints to Water Companies in England and Wales 2016/17 – annual report

22nd – Wales Consumer Matters Workshop (Cardiff)