Household water use varies enormously depending on the number of people in a house and their personal needs. On average;

  • A person uses 152 litres per day.
  • 113 litres per property are lost through leakage every day.


  • Power shower: 13 litres is used per minute.
  • Mixer shower: 8 litres is used per minute.
  • Electric shower: 5 litres is used per minute.


  • A full bath uses 80 litres.


  • 5 litres per flush using a modern cistern.
  • 9 litres per flush for older toilets.

Washing Machine

  • 50 litres per cycle.


  • 14 litres per cycle for a modern dishwasher.
  • 10 litres per cycle on eco-setting.

Washing your hands

  • 6 litres per minute is used with a running tap.
  • 8 litres per bowl wash.

Car wash

  • 250 litres per hose pipe use.
  • 30 litres per bucket wash.

The above information is taken from our water company performance data appendices (pdf).

Should you be metered?

If you don’t have a water meter, our water meter calculator will help you work out if you’d be better off with one.