Is a company offering to save you money on your water bill?

Some independent companies make claims that they can cut your water bills. However these companies will usually charge a fee to investigate if savings are possible or keep part of any savings they are able to identify. Here are some things to consider:

•Is the company charging for something which is available for free?

Your water company and CCW can both help you find out if there are ways to cut your bill and help you take the simple steps to start saving. And you will get to keep the full amount of any savings you can make. Check out our top money saving tips or give us or your water company a call to find out more.

•Is there any risk?

Companies offering to cut your bills may ask that you pay your water charges to them rather than directly to your water company. However if payments are not passed on to your water company it can still hold you responsible and seek to recover payment from you.

If you are in any doubt about a service which has been offered to you in relation to water and sewerage services please do contact your water company or CCW for further advice.