Who can get help?

Customers with a gross annual household income of less than £15,500 are eligible for help. Customers without a meter may be required to accept the installation of one, but only where this is likely to help reduce their water charges. (See below).

What help is provided?

Water charges will be reduced by up to 90% based on the households financial circumstances.

How can I apply?

Applicants will be required to provide details of household income and expenditure to allow the company to determine the appropriate level of assistance to provide. The company will work with customers not currently metered to identify if this would help reduce their charges. Where this is the case the customer will be expected to accept the installation of a meter (where possible) for charging purposes. Customers who have meters installed as part of the scheme have up to 24 months to decide to switch back to unmeasured (non-metered) charges.

More details available at https://www.hdcymru.co.uk/my-account/help-with-account/am-i-eligible-to-get-money-off-my-bill/