Our factsheets

pen writing on speech bubble iconComplaints to water companies and retailers

Our complaints to water companies and retailers factsheet explains the complaints process and our top tips on making a clear complaint to your water company or retailer.

sad face iconHow CCW can help resolve your complaint

Our how CCW can help resolve your complaint factsheet explains how we can help if you have been unsuccessful with your companies complaint process.

icon of pipes that are blockedDrains and sewers

Our drains and sewers factsheet explains ownership, responsibility and liability for a number of issues commonly associated with the sewerage system.

water leaking from pipe iconHigh metered water charges

Our high metered water charges factsheet provides some general advice and guidance should you unexpectedly receive a high water bill for metered accounts.

water pipe icon

New water supply connections

Our new water supply connections factsheet explains what is involved with making a new connection to a property and how customers can arrange for these to take place.

icon showing a water meter dialRateable Value (RV)

Our factsheet explains what Rateable Value (RV) is, how your RV is determined and to provide advice on how your billing method can be changed.

Business buildings skyline outline iconSite area based charging – for business customers

In addition to charges for usage and standing charges, you may notice the inclusion of a site area based charge on your bill. Our factsheet explains what site area charges are, how they are calculated and to provide advice on how these could be reduced or removed.

icon of kettleWhat is a Boil Water Notice?

Our Boil Water Notice factsheet explains what you need to do if your water company issues a Boil Water Notice.

icon of sewer water in riversWhy is there sometimes sewage in our rivers?

Our factsheet answers to some frequently asked questions on why there is sewage in our rivers.