All water companies in England and Wales have schemes which allow customers to register for free additional support so that whatever their circumstances they have appropriate access to water and sewerage services.

Anyone can register

The help available may be of most use to people who:

  • Have limited mobility or are unable to leave their property;
  • Have a sight, speech, hearing or cognitive impairment such as dementia, learning; difficulties or English not first language;
  • Have a serious illness;
  • Dialysis patients; or
  • Have a mental health condition.

What help is available

Our information note lists what help is available, including:

  • The services that companies provide to make sure that customers with medical conditions continue to receive a supply of water during service interruptions;
  • How companies can help customers with managing and paying bills, including home visits, reading meters and providing alternative bill formats such as Braille or additional languages; and
  • What companies will do to help customers identify that the person at the door is a genuine water company employee.

Lasting power of attorney

Companies also need to be made aware if you have a lasting power of attorney, Deputy or Benefits Appointee so that they can update the account and take appropriate action.  See how the Mental Capacity Act safeguards people with a cognitive impairment.

The UK Regulators Network provides a useful power of attorney guide on supporting customers who do not make their own decisions.