Every year we ask customers for their views about the services they receive from their local water company and value for money of those services.

What customers say about Bournemouth Water:

The full report for this company:

Written Complaints – Bournemouth Water’s yearly trend

We have looked at the information companies have given us on the written complaints they received since 2005. Some of the information for Sembcorp Bournemouth Water is shown below. To read the full report please click here.

Bournemouth Water’s Complaints per 10,000 properties (connections)

Bournemouth Water’s Supply Interruptions


Bournemouth Water’s Total Daily Leakage


To get a wider view of your company’’s performance over the past year,  you can also check your company’’s own website where the information they are required to provide is published. This will include reliability and availability measures, information about environmental compliance and some financial indicators.