Around nine bogus caller crimes happen across England and Wales each day and usually these criminals target the elderly, the vulnerable, and those who live alone. Very often they pretend to be from the ‘Water Board’ or Water Company in order to gain access to someone’s home and rob it. They can be very convincing, but there are ways householders can protect themselves.

The general advice is that if someone turns up on your doorstep asking to come into your home, keep them outside while you call the company he or she claims to be from to check that they are who they say they are.  Don’t use the number they provide to call the company.

Make sure you or someone you care about has the contact details they need, ready to hand should someone unexpectedly come knocking

Help prevent bogus callers

Choose the relevant water company and print off a form with some top tips and the most appropriate phone numbers to be kept by the telephone.

Our hope is that people will have the information, but never need to use it, rather than the other way around.

Anyone wanting extra protection against bogus callers can sign up for a password by contacting his or her water and/or energy company.  Simply let the company know the password you would like them to use if they visit you. If the person at your door gives you the wrong password or does not know your password, do not let them in.

All water and energy companies also offer special services, such as Braille, talking, or large print bills, and if you meet certain criteria, the water company can arrange to have bottled water delivered to your door if a water main bursts and your water supply interrupted. Anyone interested in any of these special services should contact his or her water and/or energy company to find out more.