In England, non-household customers who are typically business customers, public sector organisation, and charities, have been able to choose their water retailer since the market opened in April 2017. In Wales, customers can choose their water retailer only, if they use at least 50 million litres of water a year.

Retailers are there to handle your complaints and enquiries, bill you for your water and wastewater services, and read your water meter. Wholesalers, also known as ‘water companies’, look after the pipework and take care of the supply of water, and removal of wastewater.

We’ve worked with the RWG – a group made up of retailers and wholesalers – to produce some customer guidance documents to help non-household customers navigate the retail market.

Customer guidance

The first two guides ‘Leak Allowance’ and ‘Return to Sewer Allowance‘ outlines what both the retailer and wholesaler’s responsibilities are, what you can expect as a minimum standard of service, and how you can apply for these allowances.

You can contact your retailer for further information on their policies and to see if they offer extra support for you when applying for an allowance.