Complaint successes

  • Leaky meter

    CCWater were absolutely fantastic with my issue – the staff are a credit to the company. I was thoroughly pleased with the way CCWater conducted themselves with my complaint against my water company after they fitted a new water meter for my premises which subsequently leaked causing nearly £2000 in water charges – all of which … Continued

  • a woman returns home from the shops and finds some letters on the mat . She bends down to open them and runs her hand through her hair in despair as there is a missing bill
    Missing bill

    Thank you so much for all your help, this issue was ongoing for a number of months, however I’m glad to say, that once you were involved, the issue was resolved very quickly. Thank you so much to the team for your efforts. The issue Mr Wilkins receives two bills for two meters at community … Continued

  • Close-up Of A Businessperson's Hand Looking At Receipts Through Magnifying Glass At Workplace
    Billing issue

    It really should never have had to come to this but we are so glad that we had CCWater to fight our corner. Thank you for all your help and support in resolving this matter and for keeping me informed and up to date during the entire process. It is such a relief to have … Continued

  • Money .British currency and calculator.
    Assessed Charge Review

    CCWater took professional ownership of the complaint and administered impartiality to preserve the course of justice The issue After receipt of a large bill Mr Mahmood requested to have an Assessed Charge Review in June 2017. Despite the water company acknowledging the initial request, by November, no action had been taken by the company to … Continued