Complaint successes

  • Man looking at bills
    Long wait for water meter

    The issue Mr C had requested to be switched to a water meter, which was eventually installed by his water company in March 2019. However, the company continued to take direct debits based on unmetered charges. Mr C tried to resolve the issue but received conflicting information, including being told he did not have a … Continued

  • Woman looking at bill
    Incorrectly charged for leak

    I just wanted to get in contact to say we have finally got somewhere with our water company, thanks to you guys getting involved! I really appreciate your help. The issue  When Ms M moved into her property, she set up a direct debit of £40 which she felt would be more than enough to … Continued

  • Empty classroom
    Water leak at a school

    The issue A business manager of a school contacted us following its water wholesaler’s refusal to grant a leak allowance. It rejected it on the grounds the repairs to the leak at the school were not made within the 30-day timescale stipulated within the allowance policy.  What we found When we investigated it became clear … Continued

  • Water meter
    Repeated delays in getting water meter installed

    The issue Mr U felt he would be much better off on a water meter but after six months of trying to get his water company to install one, he contacted us for help. What we found We contacted Mr U’s company and asked it to explain why there had been such a long delay … Continued

  • couple looking at laptop
    Missing payment

    The issue Mr R paid his water bill in November 2019 but his company claimed otherwise and chased him for money, despite the fact he had evidence of his payment. The customer asked his company to investigate but the issue remained unresolved after three months and so he turned to us for help.  What we … Continued

  • Older man on phone
    Charged twice by water company

    The issue Mr W was acting as a power of attorney for his friend who was having issues with debt owed to his water company. He had discovered the company had been continuing to take money directly from his friend’s benefits, despite a direct debit plan being set up, meaning his friend had been paying … Continued