Complaint successes

  • Adult Daughter Visiting Unhappy Senior Mother Sitting On Sofa At Home Trying To Comfort Her
    Refund due on late uncle’s account

    I can confirm we received the cheque from our water company yesterday. We would like to thank you for all your support on this delicate matter and we appreciate all you did for us to get this to a resolution. The issue Mrs A contacted us on behalf of her aunt following her water company’s … Continued

  • Angry man talking on smartphone solving work problem
    Billed for the wrong meter

    I am writing to tell you how grateful I am for all the help you have given me in this case. Without your constant and dedicated work, my water company would have continued to ignore this problem. Your involvement was more than essential for the positive outcome. For that, I would like to express again … Continued

  • Portrait of worried black woman standing beside window
    Chased for unknown debt

    I can’t thank you enough for all your help. This has really been such a stressful situation; it is amazing to finally have it all sorted thanks to your intervention. The issue Despite making regular payments and contacting her water company on several occasions to resolve the issue, Ms S was repeatedly contacted by a … Continued

  • Unexpected bill

    The issue Mr D, a landlord, was contacted by his water company with a bill for one of his rental properties which covered a 12-month period. The water company claimed it had not received payment for almost two years, and had not received notification of the change of tenancy. As a result of non-owner occupier … Continued

  • Businessman holding water drop drawn on blackboard which represent the concept of saving water.
    Leaky business

    I’m very grateful for your help, I did not expect this outcome. Your work is really very much appreciated! The issue Mr D, a business customer experienced a leak at his property over a six-week period, an issue which was only noted following a significant increase in water usage, which amounted to £900 additional cost … Continued

  • Water meter
    High water bills

    I’m so happy to save nearly £9,000 after many years of over paying for my water bills.  Thank you very much in helping me to receive a significant refund. The issue Dr C’s property couldn’t be fitted with a water meter, so instead his water company agreed to bill him via assessed charges. This resulted in … Continued