Complaint successes

  • Two water meters, hot and cold
    Billed incorrectly for two meters

    The issue Following a leak, the owner of a care home was advised by engineers that her property appeared to be being billed using two meters rather than one – both having been in place since 1998. Ms S got in touch with an independent plumber to investigate the issue, and they concluded that both … Continued

  • View over a stone wall towards the Swaledale village of Gunnerside. The Yorkshire Dales, England.
    Incorrectly billed as a business customer

    Thank you, yet again you have come up trumps. The issue Ms B’s property had previously belonged to a large working farm; however since she purchased her home it no longer had a commercial element. Despite this, her property’s supply was taken over by a business water supplier. Her new supplier and previous supplier refused … Continued

  • Young woman reading official letter
    Unusually high bill

    I really would like to thank you, it has been such a stressful time and I felt so vulnerable, it is such a relief. Thank you so much for your help. The issue Ms D contacted us after receiving an unusually high bill from her water company. Her supplier investigated and established that there was … Continued

  • Water quality incident

     Thank you for your response; I appreciate your involvement in this matter. The issue Ms G contacted us on behalf of a number of her constituents, all living on the same street. Following a water quality incident, the local water company issued a do not drink notice to residents, which lasted for six weeks. Households … Continued

  • Faulty boiler after following external repairs

    I just wanted to inform you that I have now received the cheque for £1500 from my water company. Thank you very much for your time and effort in dealing with my case. I really appreciated it. I wish you all the best in the future. The issue Following work undertaken by her water company … Continued

  • Water meter installed on private land

    Thank you so much for assisting me with this matter, your help is really appreciated. The issue Ms K contacted us on behalf of the residents of a block of flats, where she is one of the owner-occupiers. She was unhappy that contractors working on behalf of her water company had carried out works to … Continued