• Map of Welshpool Wales
    Gwasanaethau dŵr dan y chwyddwydr mewn cyfarfod corff gwarchod

    Bydd Cyngor Defnyddwyr Dŵr yn craffu ar allu cwmnïau dŵr i gynllunio ar gyfer y dyfodol mewn cyfarfod yn y Trallwng ddydd Mawrth (17 Rhagfyr). Bydd cwmnïau dŵr yng Nghymru yn ymuno â’r Corff Gwarchod Dŵr yn ei gyfarfod cyhoeddus er mwyn archwilio’r ffordd y bydd gwasanaethau dŵr yng nghefn gwlad Cymru yn cael eu … Continued

  • Map of Welshpool Wales
    Water services under the microscope at watchdog’s meeting

    Water companies’ abilities to plan for the future will be scrutinised when the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) meets in Welshpool on Tuesday (17 December). Suppliers in Wales will join the Water Watchdog at its public meeting to examine how water services in rural Wales could be safeguarded for the future. There will be a … Continued

  • hand holding water globe
    Water companies set out plans to thwart future droughts

    Efforts to make sure there is enough water for the environment and future generations to thrive will be discussed when water companies meet with The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) in Croydon on Tuesday (October 29). CCWater will be bringing together water companies from across the South East of England to discuss the steps they … Continued

  • Lady looking at laptop worrying about finances
    Action to end water poverty the focus of watchdog’s meeting

    The strides made by water companies towards helping more cash-strapped households stay afloat will be scrutinised when the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) meets in Weston-super-Mare on Thursday 24th October. Wessex Water, South West Water, Bournemouth Water and Bristol Water will highlight the progress they have made towards ending water poverty across the west of … Continued