• Tap water quality under scrutiny from watchdog

    Water companies’ efforts to make sure tap water is always safe to drink will be scrutinised when the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) meets at Newcastle University on Thursday (26 October). The water watchdog is putting drinking water quality under the spotlight at its meeting in public after North West of England supplier United Utilities … Continued

  • CCWater welcomes swift payment of compensation for Boil Water Notice

    The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has welcomed United Utilities’ (UU) swift decision to pay £20 compensation to all 17,000 customers who have been affected by a boil water notice in parts of Greater Manchester The region’s water company has confirmed it will make the payment to all households and businesses that have been affected … Continued

  • Water companies face scrutiny at watchdog meeting

    Water companies’ efforts to reduce customer complaints will come under scrutiny at the Consumer Council for Water’s (CCWater) meeting in Bradford on Thursday (September 29). The independent consumer watchdog will be challenging water suppliers from across the north of England on their complaint-handling performance at the meeting in Kala Sangam Arts Centre. The meeting starts … Continued

  • More customers complain about water companies in north of England

    The Consumer Council for Water has voiced concerns over an increase in complaints made by customers against water companies across the North of England. Today’s (September 21) report by the consumer watchdog, CCWater, reveals that the region’s four main water suppliers all received more written complaints during 2015/16. United Utilities experienced the region’s largest increase … Continued

  • Water companies face closer scrutiny after rise in complaints

    The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has called on Southern Water and Affinity Water to improve their service after both companies reported a rise in complaints from customers. Today’s (September 21) report by the consumer watchdog, CCWater, reveals that Southern Water was the industry’s worst performer for the fourth successive year after a rise of … Continued

  • Water watchdog welcomes swift goodwill payment to villagers

    The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has welcomed the swift offer of a goodwill payment to 3,600 properties in the Yorkshire villages of Thorne and Moorends, which continue to be affected by a boil water notice. CCWater – which represents the interests of water consumers – has been liaising closely with Yorkshire Water to help … Continued