Press Releases

  • Taking care of the water in your home.

    The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) has recently reported that water quality in England and Wales remains at a very high standard, with 99.95 per cent of tests carried out in 2009 meeting very strict criteria. But the Consumer Council for Water wants to remind consumers of the steps they can take to ensure the quality … Continued

  • Bristol Water customers will be very disappointed with decision on prices

    The Consumer Council for Water today (4 August 2010) warned that the Competition Commission’s final decision on how much Bristol Water can charge its customers until 2015 is well above what many customers will be willing to accept. The Competition Commission has said that Bristol Water will be able to raise prices by 15 per … Continued

  • Water watchdog meets in Stratford-upon-avon.

    The Consumer Council for Water Central and Eastern Committee is inviting members of the public to its next meeting on Wednesday 21 July in Stratford-upon-Avon, where it will discuss water companies’ special services for vulnerable customers. Representatives from Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water, South Staffordshire Water, Cambridge Water, Veolia Water East and Essex & Suffolk … Continued

  • Hosepipe ban but Water Watchdog still expects high quality service

    The Consumer Council for Water will be looking at how water companies plan to improve services to customers when it meets in Newcastle on Thursday 8 July. The water regulator, Ofwat, assesses a water company’s customer service and can either financially reward or penalise the company, depending on how well it performs. Following pressure from … Continued

  • Help someone you know stay safe from bogus callers

    Distraction burglaries, or bogus caller crimes are at their peak during the summer months, and the Consumer Council for Water has some top tips and a form to help householders stay safe from bogus callers. Around 30 bogus caller crimes happen in England and Wales every day, 1 and a number of these criminals try … Continued