Press Releases

  • Customers not willing or able to pay for Tideway, says water watchdog

    The Consumer Council for Water has raised serious concerns about customer acceptance and affordability of costs for the proposed Thames Tideway Tunnel. The £2 billion tunnel, which will collect overflows from London sewers, is the biggest single sewerage project since water privatisation in 1989. There is no planned public subsidy for the project so the … Continued

  • ‘Supersize, but is it sustainable?’ asks consumer champion

    The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has raised serious concerns about this morning’s Government decision to approve a massive £2 billion project to collect overflows from London sewers. The tunnel, to be completed by 2020, converts to just under £40 on the average water and sewerage bill across the region, to be paid by consumers … Continued

  • Guidance plan for water consumers to help with next batch of bills

    The Consumer Council for Water South West is providing customers with advice as bills for those on a meter start to arrive on door mats.  The water watchdog is giving local customers guidance about what they need to do if their bills contains any nasty surprises, such as it being excessively higher  than they expected, … Continued

  • Rise in consumer debt calls for swift action, says local water watchdog

    Figures published today show that in 2005/06 water customers in England and Wales owed £491 million of debt that was more than 12 months old, an increase of 6.5% on the £461 million in 2004-05.  Given this growing problem, the Consumer Council for Water Northumbria is urging water customers who are struggling to pay their … Continued