Press Releases

  • Turn to the tap!

    Water industry watchdog the Consumer Council for Water today reminded people feeling stung by bottled water prices that the tap is a cheap, safe, simple solution. CCWater was responding to newspaper reports that bottled water is one of the UK’s top reasons for feeling ‘ripped off’. Chair Dame Yve Buckland said:  “Tap water in England … Continued


    Members of the public are invited to attend the next Welsh Committee meeting of the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater). The meeting is being held on Tuesday 22 January, from 11am to 3.30pm, at the Catrin Finch Centre, Glynd?r University, Wrexham, LL11 2AW. At the beginning of the meeting representatives from D?r Cymru Welsh Water … Continued

  • Ydy’ch pibellau dŵr chi’n ddigon twym?

    Mae ymchwil yn dangos nad yw hyd at hanner ohonom yn diogelu ein pibellau d?r rhag y tywydd oer a bod llawer mwy ohonom yn ansicr yngl?n â sut i ddelio â’r sefyllfa pe byddai rhywbeth yn mynd o’i le. Mae’n ymddangos bod y risg uchaf ymhlith pobl ifanc rhwng 24 a 35 oed ac … Continued

  • Have your water pipes got their winter woollies on?

    According to research up to half of us still don’t have our water pipes protected against the cold weather, and many more of us aren’t sure how to deal with things if we do have a problem. Young people aged between 24 and 35 appear to be most at risk and water watchdog, the Consumer … Continued

  • Consumer Watchdog urges you to protect your business from burst pipes

    Each winter businesses suffer frozen and burst pipes because they are not as prepared as they could be for exceptionally cold periods of weather. Research by the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) indicates that only 1 in 5 owners of small and medium sized businesses are sure about the best thing to do to minimise … Continued


    The Consumer Council for Water London and South Eastern Committee is inviting members of the public to its next meeting on: Thursday 18th October 2012 Starts: 10.30am Large Common Room Goodenough College Mecklenburgh Square London WC1N 2AB The water watchdog will be examining local water companies’ performance and questioning them on complaint handling and the … Continued