Press Releases

  • Sandbags Outside House On Flooded Road
    Water companies urged to accelerate response to climate change

    Up to 14% more properties flooded with sewage in 2019-20 compared to the previous year. People’s consumption of water reduces for the first time in 5 years but still 2% higher than 2014-15. Leakage falls by 7% to its lowest level in a decade. Customers cut off water supply for an average of 11 minutes … Continued

  • Woman looking at bill
    Households in Wales at risk of missing out on water bill lifeline

    1 in 8 consumers in Wales say they struggle to afford their water bill About a third of customers have little awareness of water company support and are less likely to contact them for help – according to water consumer body CCW’s annual survey Under 25s, over 75s, Black-Caribbean and ethnic minority groups most at … Continued