Press Releases

  • Innovation takes centre stage at Water Watchdog meeting

    The efforts made by water companies to better engage with customers will be placed under the spotlight when the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) meets in Northampton on Wednesday (7th November). CCWater’s meeting in public will provide the region’s water companies, including Severn Trent, Anglian Water, Essex & Suffolk Water and South Staffs Water, with … Continued

  • Parents and children standing on a giant protective hand
    Water companies can do more to help cash-strapped households

    More than half a million low-income households are now receiving financial help to reduce their water bills, according to the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater). But the Watchdog Water has warned that about three-quarters of nearly 3 million customers who say their water bills are unaffordable will not receive a penny of support unless water … Continued

  • Water company finances in the spotlight at watchdog’s meeting

    Members of the public are being invited to hear how water companies in the North West of England are spending their money when the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) meets in Liverpool on Thursday (25th October). Representatives from United Utilities, Yorkshire Water, Northumbrian Water and Hartlepool Water will be joining CCWater in Liverpool to discuss … Continued

  • Studio portrait of a young woman looking through a magnifying glass against a brown background
    Water companies’ credibility under the microscope at Portsmouth meeting

    The credibility of water companies and how they use customers’ money will be placed firmly under the microscope when the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) meets in Portsmouth on Tuesday (23rd October). Members of the public are being invited to hear representatives from water companies across London and the South East address a number of … Continued

  • Statement on EFRA committee report on regulation

    The Consumer Council for Water has published a statement in response to the recommendations made by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee Inquiry into Regulation of the Water Industry: On leakage: Tony Smith, Chief Executive of the Consumer Council for Water, said: “The committee’s report echoes our view that water companies have not shown … Continued

  • Lessons from ‘Beast from the East’ revealed in water company action plans

    Water companies will today (28 September) publish action plans outlining how they will avoid future service failures such as those experienced during March’s severe cold weather, when a rapid change in temperature following the ‘Beast from the East’ caused pipes to burst, leaving 200,000 households without water. Research conducted by the Consumer Council for Water … Continued