• Watchdog welcomes Wessex Water’s investment pledge

    The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has praised the decision of Wessex Water to invest an additional £50million, at its own expense, into improving services for its customers. Wessex Water has become the latest company to respond positively to CCWater’s call for water companies to share the benefits of their financial success with customers. The … Continued

  • Water Watchdog Welcomes Yorkshire Water Announcement

    THE CONSUMER Council for Water has warmly welcomed Yorkshire Water’s announcement that it plans to reinvest an £123 million of its profits. The water watchdog has been pressing water companies to share their financial success with consumers and is pleased at the positive way Yorkshire Water has responded. The company has pledged £114 million to … Continued

  • Watchdog pleased by Anglian Water’s pledge over extra investment

    THE Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) is pleased with Anglian Water’s plans to put extra investment into improving services for its customers. The water company has today (Friday) announced it is investing around an extra £70million in improving its sewer network, as well as reducing leakage and minimising the impact of future droughts on customers. … Continued

  • Watchdog welcomes Severn Trent’s investment pledge

    THE Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has praised Severn Trent Water for sharing the benefits of its financial success with customers. Severn Trent Water has shown it has listened to customers and the water watchdog by today (Thursday) reaffirming its pledge to invest an additional £150million in its water and sewerage networks. The extra investment … Continued

  • Water Watchdog Challenges Industry on Extra Profits

    AS water companies begin to publish their annual financial results United Utilities has announced that it has listened to its customers and to the industry watchdog, the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater), and will be making £200m worth of extra investment. At a time when people are concerned about value for money, water bills have … Continued