• Small actions make a big difference for people with dementia

    Today marks the start of Dementia Action Week, which aims to highlight the simple things we can all do to help improve the lives of those affected by dementia. Around 850,000 people in the UK currently live with the disease and someone is diagnosed every three minutes. That means there’s a good chance you’ll know … Continued

  • Marathon Man Mike: Going the extra mile for WaterAid

    Our head of policy and research Mike Keil will be pounding the streets of Edinburgh later this month in a marathon effort to raise money for a charity close to his and CCWater’s heart – WaterAid. Having clocked up more than 500 miles during training, the father-of-three explains why it’s been worth every ache and … Continued

  • Regulator may need to step in to tackle poor water market performers

    Regulatory action may be needed to tackle the root causes of rising complaints from business customers about their water and sewerage services, the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) has warned. The Water Watchdog says poor performing retailers and wholesalers may need to face tougher sanctions after experiencing another increase in complaints from disgruntled businesses and … Continued

  • Landlords – make sure you keep ‘on tap’ of regulations

    At our recent public meeting in Wrexham we talked about specific legislation introduced to help reduce water debt amongst renters in Wales, four years ago. Since the 1 April the legislation also applies to some new parts of mid Wales and customers serviced by Hafren Dyfrdwy. So this is a good time to stop and … Continued

  • Public meeting to hear about the future of water bills and services

    The future of water bills for customers in the North East and other areas of Northern England will come under the spotlight when the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) meets in Durham on Monday, 13 May. The Water Watchdog will be joined by representatives from Northumbrian Water, United Utilities, Yorkshire Water and Hartlepool Water to … Continued

  • Water sector to create a new vision for the future

    Organisations from all parts of the water sector are today joining forces to create a new, ambitious vision for the future. The move, coordinated by regulators, government, industry and the Consumer Council for Water, will see the sector develop a new long-term vision to guide it towards having the most positive impact possible on society … Continued