Saving water and money

  • Businessman wearing clown’s nose and party hat showing April fools day date

    Don’t allow water bills to make an April Fool of your finances

    The average water bill is set to rise by £2 from April 1 – but fortunately our money saving expert Andy White has some great tips to help you beat the price changes. Many of us can afford to laugh at an amusing April Fools Day prank – especially when it’s not at our own…

  • lady holding massive envelope

    Get plugged into Big Energy Saving Week

    Today marks the start of Big Energy Saving Week 2015 (BESW15) and we’re excited to be among the organisations supporting this year’s campaign. Why? Because we are passionate about helping people save money and BESW15 gives us another fantastic opportunity to get consumers thinking about their use of energy and hot water. Throughout the week…

  • elderly woman looking at bill.

    7 ways to reduce your water bills

    Pssst! Want to know a secret? There are now more ways than ever before to reduce the amount you pay for your water and sewerage services. Okay, so this information isn’t actually classified. But each year thousands of people miss out on savings on their water bills worth millions of pounds. This is because not…