• Customer Satisfaction
    Business plans must address customer priorities

    The submission of business plans for 2020-25 is a prime opportunity for water companies to show they’re listening to the issues customers care about, writes Steven Hobbs, Senior Policy Manager at the Consumer Council for Water. On 3 September, water companies in England and Wales will submit their business plans for the 2020-25 period, giving … Continued

  • Green checkmark below smiling face symbol in a customer satisfaction survey.
    Time for customers to have their say on future water bills

    As water companies prepare to submit their business plans to Ofwat – demonstrating what they’ll be doing for customers in 2020-25 – Steven Hobbs, Senior Policy Manager at the Consumer Council for Water, explains why customer acceptability testing should lie at the heart of this process. With the 3 September deadline for business plan submission … Continued

  • Water companies must plan for a resilient future

    As activity ramps up for the 2019 Price Review, ensuring water and sewerage supplies remain resilient will be a key challenge. Policy Manager Sarah Thomas explores how water companies can effectively incorporate resilience into their business plans, against a backdrop of climate change, population growth and other environmental factors. Water companies are busy planning what … Continued

  • A golden opportunity to help customers in need

    Despite the range of additional support services available to vulnerable water customers, research by the Consumer Council for Water has revealed that awareness of this assistance is still low. Our policy manager Janine Shackleton looks at what more the water industry can do to help those most in need. Earlier this year CCWater published research … Continued

  • Solar calculator showing on the digital display the word "HELP".
    Financial help for water customers mustn’t run dry

    Making sure that bills are affordable for low-income and financially vulnerable customers is still a key challenge for the water industry. Our Senior Policy Manager Andy White asks whether it’s time for the regulator Ofwat and the water sector as a whole to be more ambitious in tackling the issue. CCWater’s latest research on customer … Continued

  • Five ways to better customer service

    Ofwat wants to change how water companies are encouraged to give their customers a better service. But do the industry regulator’s proposals go far enough? Our policy manager Gemma Domican shares five ways to make them stronger. What’s the best way to make sure your water company is providing you with an excellent service? At … Continued