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    Financial help for water customers mustn’t run dry

    Making sure that bills are affordable for low-income and financially vulnerable customers is still a key challenge for the water industry. Our Senior Policy Manager Andy White asks whether it’s time for the regulator Ofwat and the water sector as a whole to be more ambitious in tackling the issue. CCWater’s latest research on customer … Continued

  • Water companies come under watchdog’s microscope

    The quality of drinking water and customer complaints in central and eastern England will come under close examination at the Consumer Council for Water’s (CCWater) meeting in public in Birmingham this Thursday (9 November). At the meeting, the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) will present its annual report and representatives from the region’s water companies will … Continued

  • Five ways to better customer service

    Ofwat wants to change how water companies are encouraged to give their customers a better service. But do the industry regulator’s proposals go far enough? Our policy manager Gemma Domican shares five ways to make them stronger. What’s the best way to make sure your water company is providing you with an excellent service? At … Continued

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    Blog: Cost of capital – striking the right balance for consumers

    Over-generous or value for money? Steve Hobbs, our Senior Policy Manager for Regulation, explains why Ofwat’s assumptions on how water companies are financed should be a concern for customers. CCWater has always called for the views and expectations of customers to be at the heart of the price-setting process in the water industry. So far … Continued

  • Blog: Water companies must only be rewarded for great service

    A proposal by Ofwat to lift the cap on the rewards water companies can receive for meeting their performance targets could lead to higher costs for customers. Our policy manager James Mackenzie explains why we think companies should be rewarded only for exceptional service. Back in 2014, when the industry regulator Ofwat first introduced the … Continued

  • Blog: Keeping water bills a breath of ‘fresher’ air for students

    With the whirlwind of fresher’s week finally over, you’re probably now beginning to settle in to your new life as a student. Away from home, probably for the first time, that new taste of freedom is an exciting experience for many. However, with that newly found freedom, comes the inevitable need to take on more … Continued