• Water companies must plan for a resilient future

    As activity ramps up for the 2019 Price Review, ensuring water and sewerage supplies remain resilient will be a key challenge. Policy Manager Sarah Thomas explores how water companies can effectively incorporate resilience into their business plans, against a backdrop of climate change, population growth and other environmental factors. Water companies are busy planning what … Continued

  • A golden opportunity to help customers in need

    Despite the range of additional support services available to vulnerable water customers, research by the Consumer Council for Water has revealed that awareness of this assistance is still low. Our policy manager Janine Shackleton looks at what more the water industry can do to help those most in need. Earlier this year CCWater published research … Continued

  • What does ‘value’ mean to consumers?

    Consumers are now more likely to agree they’re getting better value for money from their energy provider than their water company. But what do water consumers really value? The answer, says our Senior Policy Manager Jenny Suggate, may surprise you. For the third year in a row our annual Water Matters survey, which tracks consumers’ … Continued

  • Flushed with ways to love your loo this on World Toilet Day

    We all use it several times a day in the UK but most of us probably never give the humble toilet a second thought. And yet for the majority of people on earth a clean, flushing toilet remains a luxury that cannot be taken for granted. This Sunday (19th November) is World Toilet Day, an … Continued