• Make saving water the habit of a lifetime

    Today marks the end of Water Saving Week but we hope for most of you it’s just the start of a lifetime commitment to use water more wisely – and encourage others to do the same! If you’ve been following the campaign over the last week you should have soaked up lots of good reasons … Continued

  • BLOG: Saving water is music to my ears

    Music can help you save water. That was the intriguing message I read a couple of weeks ago coming out of South Africa. In a bid to save water in Cape Town authorities have been putting together playlists of songs that last two minutes to be played while showering. Basically much more fun than a … Continued

  • Make it your business to learn more about water market

    Helping small businesses to discover more about their freedom to switch water supplier will be top of the agenda when we hold our next business customer meeting in Birmingham on Thursday (1 March). The water watchdog will be delving beneath the surface of its latest research which shows only 2 out of 5 small and … Continued

  • Water companies set out vision to keep taps running for future generations

    Plans by the region’s water companies to keep the taps running for future generations will be showcased when the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) meets in Newmarket on Tuesday (6th February).  The water watchdog will be providing consumers with the opportunity to hear how water suppliers are turning to the latest technology and innovation to … Continued

  • Keep a lid on your bills with Big Energy Saving Week

    Today marks the start of Big Energy Saving Week 2018, a national campaign which aims to help people cut their energy bills and also highlight the broad range of financial support available to those who need it. We’re getting involved too, sharing some of our top tips to help you save. But what has energy … Continued

  • GUEST BLOG: Working together to wipe out sewer menace

    Despite a concerted effort from water companies to spread the ‘do not flush’ message to consumers, the amount of wet wipes clogging up our sewers each year has continued to rise. But there may be better news on the horizon according to Rachel Dyson, Chair of the Water UK SNAP Network. This week Water UK … Continued