• BLOG: Dive into Discover Water

    Today marks the official launch of Discover Water – a new website dripping with fascinating facts and figures about the water and sewerage services that we pay for and rely on. CCWater’s Head of Policy and Research Deryck Hall, who worked with Water UK and other organisations on the project, explains why it’s worth consumers diving in … Continued

  • World Toilet Day reminded us why we should love our loo

    Last week’s World Toilet Day highlighted why none of us in the UK should ever take for granted good sanitation. In this blog our sewer expert Steve Grebby explains why we should love our loo by taking extra care over what we flush down it. Where would you go if you didn’t have your loo? Would … Continued

  • Open sign
    Water choice – could competition meet households’ expectations?

    With the Government still pondering whether to give households in England a choice over their retail water supplier, CCWater’s Chief Executive Tony Smith explains why the market may struggle without the lure of substantial savings for customers. This article first appeared in magazine Utility Week. Almost a year on from first tabling its proposals, the Government … Continued

  • BLOG: Spook-tacular tips to slash your water bills

    Never mind ghouls, ghosts and vampires – sometimes opening up your latest water bill can be enough to give you a fright, especially when you’re struggling to make ends meet. Fortunately, our money saving expert Andy White has a few tricks up his sleeve to help take the fear factor out of water bills and free … Continued

  • Plug into Big Energy Saving Week

    CCWater’s water-saving expert Ana-Maria Millan explains why plugging into Big Energy Saving Week could put you on the path to lower energy and water bills. Are your energy bills making you hot under the collar? Then we’d like to really encourage you to plug into Big Energy Saving Week 2016 (October 31) which will be … Continued

  • GUEST BLOG: Helping struggling water customers stay afloat

    Over the past few years CCWater has pressed each of the water companies to provide more support to customers who cannot afford their water bills. JANE CRISP – AFFORDABILITY AND VULNERABILITY LEAD AT SOUTHERN WATER – explains how the company is taking on the challenge of helping thousands of customers in financial difficulty. Last year, we made … Continued