Affordable bills and help with debt

  • BLOG: Spook-tacular tips to slash your water bills

    Never mind ghouls, ghosts and vampires – sometimes opening up your latest water bill can be enough to give you a fright, especially when you’re struggling to make ends meet. Fortunately, our money saving expert Andy White has a few tricks up his sleeve to help take the fear factor out of water bills and free … Continued

  • GUEST BLOG: Helping struggling water customers stay afloat

    Over the past few years CCWater has pressed each of the water companies to provide more support to customers who cannot afford their water bills. JANE CRISP – AFFORDABILITY AND VULNERABILITY LEAD AT SOUTHERN WATER – explains how the company is taking on the challenge of helping thousands of customers in financial difficulty. Last year, we made … Continued

  • Do your water charges fit the bill?

    In this blog our charges expert Andy White helps customers get to grips with surface water drainage charges. When it comes to utilities it’s not just energy bills that can sometimes leave us scratching our head –water charges can be confusing too. This week I appeared on BBC Rip Off Britain to talk about surface water drainage charges, … Continued

  • Targeted help is not just about making water bills affordable

    In this blog, our policy manager Janine Shackleton explains why supporting water customers in vulnerable circumstances is about much more than simply making bills more affordable. Earlier this month, Ofwat published new research which echoed our long-held concerns that many water customers whose circumstances make them vulnerable are still not getting the support they need. Recent … Continued

  • Awareness remains biggest obstacle to affordability challenge

    The scale of debt facing many water customers was brought into sharp focus last week when Ofwat revealed the industry has failed to collect £2.2 billion in unpaid water bills. Our own research reinforces the size of the problem with one in eight households currently saying they cannot afford their water bills. But these headline-grabbing … Continued