A sewerage system that works

  • World Toilet Day: It always pays to love your loo

    Many of us could not imagine life without a toilet and yet for billions of people in some of the poorest corners of the globe the absence of safe sanitation poses a constant threat to their health and the wider environment. Our sewer expert Steve Grebby explains why World Toilet Day is a good time to remember … Continued

  • Water companies must plan for a resilient future

    As activity ramps up for the 2019 Price Review, ensuring water and sewerage supplies remain resilient will be a key challenge. Policy Manager Sarah Thomas explores how water companies can effectively incorporate resilience into their business plans, against a backdrop of climate change, population growth and other environmental factors. Water companies are busy planning what … Continued

  • BLOG: Dive into Discover Water

    Today marks the official launch of Discover Water – a new website dripping with fascinating facts and figures about the water and sewerage services that we pay for and rely on. CCWater’s Head of Policy and Research Deryck Hall, who worked with Water UK and other organisations on the project, explains why it’s worth consumers diving in … Continued

  • World Toilet Day reminded us why we should love our loo

    Last week’s World Toilet Day highlighted why none of us in the UK should ever take for granted good sanitation. In this blog our sewer expert Steve Grebby explains why we should love our loo by taking extra care over what we flush down it. Where would you go if you didn’t have your loo? Would … Continued

  • BLOG: Time to bin wet wipe waste

    CCWater’s sewerage expert Steve Grebby explains why all of us need to take heed of the Marine Conservation Society’s latest campaign. This week I was delighted to see the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) launch a campaign on an issue close to our heart at the Consumer Council for Water. The charity’s Wet Wipes Turn Nasty … Continued

  • BLOG: Time to stop the block in our strained sewers

    If I asked you to guess what was found lurking in the sewer pipes of England and Wales over the past year I’m willing to bet ‘adult toys’ or a hand grenade wouldn’t feature on your list. But believe it or not these strange discoveries are just two of the more bizarre items that have been … Continued