Video: What’s happening to our rivers?

When we flush the loo, drain the kitchen sink, or when rain water drains from our streets, that wastewater enters the sewerage system where it is sent to be treated and disposed of responsibly. At least, that is the service we should be able to expect.

A number of high profile incidents have raised concerns around the discharge of untreated sewage into our rivers, streams, lakes and seas.

So what is going on? This video gives a brief overview of what sewer overflows are and how they are affecting our rivers.

What should I do if I’m concerned about a possible sewage discharge near me?

If you are concerned about a possible sewerage spill in a local body of water, you should contact the Environment Agency to report an incident.

If you are concerned about a possible sewer overflow affecting your home, business or community, you should contact your local sewerage company. As part of our End Sewer Flooding Misery campaign, we are calling for improved compensation and support for repeat victims of sewer flooding.

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