Make it your business to save water this Water Saving Week

Over the next three decades, factors such as our changing climate and growing population are going to increase the pressure on our water resources. Unless we respond to the challenge, by 2050 demand could outstrip the amount of water available to us

That’s why at CCW, we’re proud to be sponsoring Water Saving Week – helping to play our part in getting people thinking about their water habits and how we can all play our part to use water more wisely.

This year we are sponsoring a day that’s themed around talking to your customers about saving water. According to a survey by Futerra, 88% of people want the businesses and organisations they use to be environmentally friendly. Most people think they can make a difference to the environment by making simple changes to their habits; however, they want more help in doing it. By highlighting the ways they are using water wisely and how customers can do the same, businesses can make an important difference.

This Water Saving Week, our water efficiency expert, Ana-Maria Millan, shares some simple ways businesses can save water and help their community be more water savvy too.

Do a water audit

Do you know how much water your business uses? Knowing how much you use and where can help you to identify areas where you could be more water-efficient. Check your property regularly for leaks on your internal plumbing and monitor your bills closely on an ongoing basis to identify changes to patterns of water consumption.

Be especially mindful of leaky toilets. There are an estimated 3.6 million leaky toilets in the UK, and with each toilet having the potential to waste 400 litres of water every day, that could be as much as 146,000 litres a year! For advice about leaks anywhere on your premises, you can find a list of trusted tradespeople in your area via the WaterSafe UK website.

Share the knowledge

Get your staff motivated to think about their water use and how they could use water more wisely. If you can, provide training and guidance on the simple things everyone in your business could do to be more water-efficient. Providing the tools and knowledge to staff about being water savvy means they can share their knowledge with customers too. We have lots of brilliant water-saving resources on our website.

Talk to your customers

Are you in the business of saving water? Whatever the nature of your company, there are many simple ways you can encourage your customers to think about their water use. Why not regularly share the ways you and your staff are using water wisely via your company’s social media channels or newsletter.

If your business has the opportunity to share water-saving tips and tricks with customers directly, take the chance. Maybe you run a garden centre – why not promote drought resistant plants and water-saving tips to use in the garden? If you’re stuck for ideas, we have some great ideas to share. Gym, garage, clothes shop, whatever your business – think outside the box and share your best water-saving ideas with your customers.

At CCW we all want to do our bit to save water. Some of our colleagues recently made individual pledges to use water wisely; you can watch these on our YouTube channel. What pledge would you make? Get involved in Water Saving Week and join in the conversation by following the hashtag #WaterSavingWeek

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