Incorrectly billed for two meters

The issue

Mr B approached CCW after he discovered that his business had been overcharged for a number of years for two meters at his property – the meters he was being charged on were duplicate, and therefore incorrect. This was only discovered when Mr B switched supplier following the opening of the water retail market in 2017. Once the issue had been discovered his wholesaler began the process of de-registering both supply points and installing a new meter.

The customer’s water company refunded all payments overpaid from April 2017 but there was a substantial period before the water retail market opened that had not been refunded. Mr B was caught in the middle of a dispute between his water retailer and the wholesaler, with both saying he should contact the other about the refund. This led to Mr B approaching CCW for support.

What we found

One of our senior case handler’s explored the history of the complaint and discovered that Mr B had also recently switched water retailers, further complicating the matter. CCW felt that the best course of action was to make direct contact with Mr B’s wholesaler, presenting the evidence that the customer had overpaid pre-market and pressing for a full refund. The wholesaler acknowledged quickly that it had been overpaid but was reluctant to refund promptly due to the high value.

Putting it right

CCW maintained the pressure on the water wholesaler and it eventually refunded £79,982.07 to Mr B. The customer was delighted with the outcome and our support.

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