Sky’s the limit when it comes to valuing water

Alice Laycock, Policy Manager, CCW
Alice Laycock, Policy Manager, CCW

Whether it’s brushing our teeth and watering the garden or washing or hands to keep ourselves protected from COVID-19 – almost every aspect of our lives depend on water. Sometimes though it’s easy to take it for granted and forget how precious it is not just for us but for the natural world around us.

Just because water falls from the sky and we spend so much time under an umbrella in the UK doesn’t mean that there is a bottomless well of water. Climate change and population growth are cranking up the pressure on our water resources. The more that we take from our rivers, streams and other groundwater sources the more damage we risk causing to the environment and all the other species that depend on it. Some of our most precious chalk streams remain the envy of the world but are already scarred from over-abstraction.

But if each of us just used a little less water it would go a long way to solving the problem we face and protecting our environment for generations to come.

That is why we have partnered with Waterwise to support its brilliant Water Makes It Possible campaign. We want to encourage everyone to value water and be mindful about how much we use. Here at CCW we cannot bear the thought of future generations not having enough water to do the things they love like paddle boarding, wild swimming or even having a coffee. That’s why we have to step up our efforts now.

Our website is packed with hints and advice on how to save water and make a difference. Challenge yourself by taking a shorter shower, putting your dishwasher on eco mode or getting a water butt for your garden. And there’s an added bonus too – you’ll soak up savings on your water bill if your home is metered.

Water Makes it Possible – so let’s make it sustainable.

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