Long wait for water meter

The issue

Mr C had requested to be switched to a water meter, which was eventually installed by his water company in March 2019. However, the company continued to take direct debits based on unmetered charges. Mr C tried to resolve the issue but received conflicting information, including being told he did not have a meter.

What we found

We challenged the company to provide us with an explanation as to why Mr C was not being billed using metered charges and asked for him to be refunded the difference from March 2019.

We also pressed the company to review its call notes and provide a gesture of goodwill for any service failings identified, especially considering how long the issue had remained unresolved and the distress caused to the customer.

Putting it right

The water company admitted that it had told Mr C he didn’t have a water meter – even though it had installed one at his request. It came to light that the company had failed to record his meter details.

Categories: Complaint successes