Three different water bills

The issue

Mr P was put on a water meter by his water company as part of its compulsory metering programme. Shortly afterwards, Mr P and his family went abroad for three months but on their return received three bills for differing amounts using estimated meter readings. Mr P had explained that he was unable to provide actual readings, as he was unable to locate his meter. His water company sent out an engineer on a number of occasions to locate the meter, without success. A return visit was scheduled, but never materialised.

What we found

Mr Paddon has been trying to resolve this issue with his water company since March 2019, spending many hours on the phone without a satisfactory explanation. We contacted his company and asked them to provide us with the date his meter was installed, as well as a full history of the meter readings.

We also asked the company to take into account its customer service failings, including the number of visits it had taken to locate the meter, and the confusion around Mr P’s bills and offer appropriate compensation.

Putting it right

Our investigation resulted in the company agreeing to apply a £50 credit to Mr P’s account as a gesture of goodwill for the confusion it had caused. It also provided an additional £25 as an acknowledgement of its customer service failings.

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